Updated: June 30, 2017

Century Batteries are proud to introduce a new addition to their range, the CC1206 Battery Charger and Maintainer.
Designed in Australia, for Australia, the CC1206 is an automatic 12 Volt 6 Amp 9-stage smart battery charger and maintainer with rejuvenation technology. Backed by a 5 year warranty, the CC1206 can be used for charging and maintaining batteries in car & passenger vehicles, motorcycles, 4×4 & SUVs, powersports and lawn & garden equipment.
The CC1206 is suitable for charging batteries rated up to 120Ah and maintaining batteries rated up to 180Ah. This charger is designed to charge and maintain 12V conventional lead acid batteries, including Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) flooded calcium batteries, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), maintainable flooded batteries and Gel electrolyte type batteries.
The charger features an advanced 9-stage charging process, where each stage has been designed to maximise charging performance and help extend battery life. The charger also incorporates a unique and patented rejuvenation technology, which uses high voltage equalising and peak pulse reconditioning to repair heavily discharged batteries.
Other inclusions such as the down to 3V activation, eco-power mode for ultra-low power consumption, safety timers, and selectable battery type and charge rate options are some of the features that make Century’s CC1206 the ultimate ‘must-have’ battery charger and maintainer available on the market.
About Century Batteries
Century Batteries have been designing and manufacturing batteries in Australia since 1928. For over 88 years they have continuously worked to deliver a range of products better suited to Australia’s extreme climate & harsh conditions.
For more information on the new Century CC1206 Battery Charger and Maintainer, contact your local Century Batteries specialist on 1300 362 287 or visit www.centurybatteries.com.au


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