JALTEST’s brand new Truck Scan Tool now offers heavy vehicle workshops a specialised diagnostic offering.

Updated: October 10, 2014

With coverage for trucks, buses, light commercial, 4WDs, agricultural and special vehicles, the brand new JALTEST Truck Scan Tool features fast and intuitive software that covers most Asian, European and American heavy models.

Like many of its light vehicle siblings, the JALTEST Truck Scan Tool provides workshops with integrated technical information and wiring diagrams to make repairs simple.

Equipped to connect to models with varying diagnosis cables, and technological connectivity capability through USB and Bluetooth, the JALTEST Truck Scan Tool makes data management easy.

Exclusive to JALTEST, the Truck Scan Tool also features workshop management and record software through its Garage Reception and Productivity programming, providing both the workshop and customer with fully available reporting and historical tracking.

With diagnosis featuring error detection and clearance functionality, resets and calibration, the tool easily identifies damaged components, a function that is complemented by its in-built spare parts and manufacturer’s database.

The brand new JALTEST Truck Scan Tool is an unparalleled piece of heavy workshop equipment, an extraordinary information resource in the palm of your mechanic’s hand.

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