Updated: September 12, 2017

Interequip completes all corners of expectation when it come to buying wheel service equipment, vehicle lifts, diagnostic equipment. There is a higher end and a lower budget equipment catering to different customers’ needs and budgets. For example, we have CCD bluetooth wheel aligner from VH5 ($9000 + GST) to Italian Wa8SBT. We have 3D alginer from VH8 ($13900 + GST) to Italian new dimension 3D aligner. We have 24″ tyre changer with arm from BP816 ($4000 + GST) to Italian TC5555SL. We have vehicle hoist 2 post clear floor 4 ton from BP40M ($2400 + GST) to REAL 2 post 6 ton heavy duty clear floor lift. We have 4 post 4 ton wheel alignment lift from Elite BP4X ($8650 + GST) to the Korean made SL6000A heavy duty 4 post 6 ton alignment lift. For diagnostic, we have Autel DS808 scanner ($1200 + GST) to Carman and Jaltest heavy duty scanners for trucks, bus, and commercial vehicles. For AC service, we have ZELL AC2000 full automatic with printer to Italian Ecotechnics machine. A popular product is our 70L waste oil drainer is only $254 + GST, etc.

No matter it’s higher end or lower budget, they all come with recognized quality and satisfying service.
For more information and details, please go to or contact 18000EQUIP (1800037847).