Focus Feature

4WD & Diesel

Diesel is more popular than ever, and while it’s always been the motor of choice in commercial vehicles and 4WDs, it’s taken huge strides into the passenger-vehicle market in recent decades. Common-rail turbo diesels are quieter, smoother and more user-friendly than they’ve ever been, and that makes them a great choice for those wanting an economical, low-fuss alternative for the family vehicle. Of course, the forward leaps in technology which have made the diesel so appealing have also allowed it to become more powerful, more environmentally friendly and more compact, and that’s a formula which suits recreational 4WD owners and commercial operators down to the ground. But as with all machinery advances, technicians and workshops need to be up to date to ensure they can offer the service and maintenance the latest engines and vehicles demand, and that’s placed a great responsibility firmly on the shoulders of professional auto technicians around the country and around the world. Jobs as basic as servicing injectors and changing filters now require specific equipment to ensure access and the correct handling of sensitive components, and of course diagnostic equipment – often the proprietary property of the manufacturer – is absolutely essential to the assessment and direction of just about every repair and service. As always, ACM has its finger on the pulse of the industry and has put together a brief look at some of the cutting-edge diesel-servicing equipment and technology available. In some cases we’ve made things a little easier by tracking down suppliers who can offer a wide range of software and hardware that will help ensure your service department offers the reassurance of well-informed advice and top-flight technical work using the correct tools and equipment. A customer who feels his vehicle is safe and well maintained will be a long-term customer, and that’s good for everyone.

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