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A New Tester

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The EQP-117 Fuse Current Tester by PlusQuip is a time-saving device for all technicians.

The PlusQuip Fuse Current Tester can measure the current flow in circuits at the fuse socket location, by simply removing the fuse and inserting the required tester adapter. With the peak amp monitor function, any unusually high intermittent current draw in the circuit that may cause the fuse to blow and open circuit can be identified. This function can be used in conjunction with a wire harness wriggle test to pinpoint areas of possible harness faults if applicable.

The EQP-117 Fuse Current Tester kit includes three adapter sets including one for standard ATO blade type fuses, a smaller adapter for Mini blade type fuses, and a harness with fused alligator clips to suit non-blade fuse connectors. This allows the technician to perform circuit current tests on several blade fuse type sockets or where a blade fuse connector is not available, such as the battery posts or at the component. The standard 4mm diameter banana adapters on the harness also allow compatibility with other probes if required.

The PlusQuip Fuse Current Tester features a large LCD display with a backlight option which allows for easy reading of the numerical and analogue bar type display functions, and includes HOLD and ZERO functions to allow for accurate diagnosis. It is fast, safe and accurate (0-30A +/- 2.0%) and offers a measuring range of 30A / 48V/ DC / AC. The EQP-117 current measuring test unit is suitable for both passenger and commercial vehicle electrical circuits.

The PlusQuip Fuse Current Tester is handheld for easy use and is self-powered by a 9V battery.

For more information or to locate your stockist visit www.plusquip.com.au

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