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A New Wave Of Thinking

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Fuelmiser’s expanded Oxy Sensor range makes finding replacement parts easy.

Many drivers of modern vehicles are oblivious to the critical role oxygen sensors play. They simply ‘enjoy’ the benefits of contemporary electronics that are seamlessly integrated with the unparalleled driving experience that technological advancements bring to modern vehicles. The development of EFI provided a whole range of new parts and a new wave of thinking. Function and quality are new considerations.

However, the astute motor-vehicle repairer knows that the sole purpose and existence for the oxygen sensor (two-step and wideband only to name a few) are to ‘fine-tune’ the air to fuel mixture as you drive, taking the role of a very sophisticated computerized ‘pseudo-exhaust-gas- analyser’. It is a significant part of the fuel efficiency system as well as the environmental management system.

The team at Motospecs are committed to providing the best technical solutions. They are continually improving their product range and have completely revamped the Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensors range to include an additional 400 part numbers, now totaling more than 860 part numbers.

The perceptive motor mechanic also knows that the ‘fidelity’ of the generated signal by the oxygen sensor is of utmost importance. This is because the Engine Control Module (ECM) uses this signal as feedback to ‘fine-tune’ the fuel mixture as one drives. Therefore, using nonspecific parts will adversely affect vehicle performance.

There are many oxygen sensors. Most common ones are the Two-Step Oxygen Sensors which operate within the ECM’s ‘closed-loop’ mode. They generate an alternating DC voltage varying from 0.1v to 0.9v signifying air-fuel ratio of lean and rich respectfully. The other most common oxygen sensors are the sophisticated wide band sensors that send a current of +2 and –2 milliamps to and fro (Nernst cell). These are now used to linearly control the air-fuel ratio between 0.7 to 2.2, maintaining the correct air-fuel ratio control.

Across the many different makes and models of vehicles, each is fitted with a different type of Oxygen Sensor which vary in physical shape, size, the length of wire, the correct interfacing connecting terminals and the wide bands with their calibrated trimming resistors within the connectors. All these factors can make replacement very difficult for the mechanic. Often time wasting, the search for exact parts has now been solved by Fuelmiser.

Fuelmiser’s range of Oxygen Sensors are a direct fit, and meet or exceed OEM specifications in length and plug type, making Fuelmiser the ultimate choice for direct replacement of failed sensors. This doesn’t compromise the integrity of ECM’s ‘closed-loop’ operation, thus maximising fuel mixture control.

Mechanics have looked for a simple solution to a complex problem for years. Finding the correct part “first time-every time” means less waste and greater efficiencies for everyone in the supply chain. The resources of Motospecs have replaced the trial and error process to a comprehensive, methodical and accurate process that makes it much for efficient in finding the right parts.

Motospecs is continuously reviewing and sourcing new Oxygen Sensors from the world’s leading manufacturers including Denso, Delphi, FAE Europe, Facet Europe and Walker USA. This range covers everything from traditional two wires, up to the latest technology six wire sensors. Furthermore, where applicable, these manufacturers are producing sensors compliant with the latest stringent Euro 6 Emission Standard. To achieve this, the latest and most exact equipment is used.

The enhanced range of Fuelmiser products, now totaling over 860 part numbers, is available to mechanics via all electronic catalogues and includes a complete range of images and identification drawings.

About Fuelmiser

Fuelmiser has one of the broadest ranges of engine management and fuel system components with over 40 product groups providing over 5,500 individual parts. The quality range is unsurpassed with new parts being released in the market every month. Fuelmiser cover most popular and late model applications and include comprehensive European and Korean applications.

Fuelmiser knows how important it is to know that their high-quality products are made by leading OEM and OES manufacturers. That’s why Fuelmiser products are labeled individually identifying the brand in the box giving you the peace of mind you need.

The Fuelmiser product range includes ignition; sensors; emission control; switches, senders and valves; speed sensors; distributor parts; fuel pumps; fuel/injection system; filtration and carburetor parts.

Contact Motospecs on 1800 605 673 For further information visit http://fuelmiser.com.au

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