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 Platinum Gaskets is committed to delivering the highest quality along with the widest selection of automotive gaskets and sets.

Whether you require a gasket or a gasket set for car or commercial, petrol or diesel, Platinum Gaskets can fulfil the requirement.

Platinum Gaskets was built on an uncompromising commitment to use the highest quality materials offered throughout the world and all gaskets carry the Platinum three year/100,000km warranty for peace of mind.

The Platinum Gaskets range differs from other gasket brands on offer because:

• Head gaskets are manufactured in high-grade graphite material with stainless-steel bore bindings

or MLS (multi-layered steel), whichever is applicable to each particular engine

• Rocker cover gaskets are all manufactured in silicone material allowing mechanical stability over a broad temperature range to ensure sealing integrity

• Valve stem oil seals are Viton material

• All engine oil seals are genuine NOK seals

Not only are valve regrind and full gasket sets available, there are manifold gaskets, plenum chamber sets, oil pan sets, valve cover gaskets and kits, timing case seal sets along with a large range of miscellaneous gaskets and seals to suit a large range of engines.

Platinum Gaskets also carries a variety of blank gasket material in multiple sheet sizes and thickness: cellulose fibre, compressed fibre, rubberised cork, double-sided manifold steel core, and graphite steel core

To complement the gaskets, a range of torque-to-yield cylinder head bolt sets are also available in the Platinum range.

Email the Platinum Gasket team at to locate your closest distributor.

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