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ACM Parts – Redefining Repair

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ACM Parts is Australia’s largest provider of alternative and specialty parts to the automotive repair industry, keeping vehicles on the road.

ACM Parts supports better ways to repair vehicles by providing a choice of options to extend the life of a vehicle. They offer customers a comprehensive range of Reclaimed, Original and Aftermarket parts to suit the repairers needs. ACM Parts sets the standard for service, product availability and quality assurance for the repair industry. Their unique and integrated model allows them to manage the supply chain of parts through ACM Parts dismantlers, demand tracking and warehouse capabilities.

ACM Parts strives to provide the best range of quality parts to meet the needs of the Australian car market. They understand that not every repair is the same, so they are committed to providing a range of quality parts solutions that allow drivers and repairers a variety of choices to meet their requirements.

The team at ACM Parts supports customers through the full repair supply chain, from sourcing or dismantling to parts interpretation and fitment advice. They develop strong relationships built on trust with their customers, truly understanding and predicting their needs.

ACM Parts Original New parts, equivalent to OEM
ACM Parts Original range consists of new parallel parts with equal quality of materials, fitment and functionality to the OEM equivalent. This allows ACM Parts to offer the same level of quality as a genuine part without the same cost to the end user. They partner with leading manufacturers around the globe to source the highest quality new parts for most makes and models on Australian roads.

ACM Parts Reclaimed An alternative option to new
Reclaimed parts are both affordable and a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option than new parts. These parts have been reclaimed from salvage and end-of-life vehicles, making them equivalent to the OEM standard in terms of fit and function. This means they are guaranteed to fit into the vehicle being repaired. All reclaimed products come from one of ACM Parts’ four production sites where they dismantle vehicles. Each part is carefully inspected and dismantled to industry-leading standards, ensuring customers receive a consistent high-quality product.

ACM Parts Aftermarket Upgraded parts and accessories
ACM Parts Aftermarket partners with market-leading brands that manufacture upgraded parts and accessories in lighting and cooling. Each part in their Aftermarket range is sourced from renowned industry certifiers, ensuring they either meet or exceed their OEM equivalent in quality, fitment and functionality.

ACM Parts Consumables
In addition to a comprehensive parts selection, ACM Parts also distributes a range of workshop consumables and equipment from leading brands.

Safety PPE: face masks, goggles, breathing apparatus, filters, gloves, safety eyewear.
Abrasives: cut sheets, dry rub, wet rub, Velcro stickits, sheets and rolls.
Tapes: masking tape, double sided tape, adhesive transfer tape, fine line tape, plastic tape.
Adhesive and sealants: body fillers, fibreglass, body deadener spray, windscreen sealant, lead wipe.
Wipes: cheesecloth, rags in bags, chamois, sponges, polishing buff pads.
Car care: polishes, interior conditioner and cleaner, glass cleaner, car wash, wheel cleaners, degreasers.

For info visit acmparts.com.au or call 1800 226 727.

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