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ACS Pressure Sprayer

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Keeping things clean when working in an automotive workshop is just good workshop practice, but if you’re like me, you’ve gone through a heap of pressure sprayers that have succumbed to the pressure of workshop life.

The Australian Clutch Services Pressure Sprayer is German made and functions much the same as other pressure sprayers. The bottle and pump mechanism are designed to handle petroleum-based solvents such as brake cleaner and degreasers, but avoid alkaline or acid cleaners. So, unlike other spray bottles this one is made to last. The pump mechanism can be lubricated using a silicone lubricant such as silicone spray to keep it operating smoothly. There is a picture of an oil can on the top of the pump mechanism to show you where to lubricate.

There is a QR code on the bottle that you can scan with your phone, taking you to the Australian Clutch Services website pressure sprayer page which has the pressure sprayer information and part number. You can also access this page directly from the website. The Pressure Sprayer is available by contacting Australian Clutch Services.

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