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ACS Tool Hire Program

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Australian Clutch Services offer a hire program for a range of specialised DCT removal and installation tools when buying one of their applicable clutch kits.

The ACS tool hire program has been developed to support an evolving market with the required tools alongside technical support for the applications. The program offers DCT clutch assembly installation and removal tools as well as a self-adjusting clutch installation tool.

“The market in which we operate is quickly evolving with dual clutch transmission technology now becoming commonplace in the aftermarket,” explains ACS Business Development Manager, Colin Jevons.

“Our distributors around the country are seeing a major increase in the demand for DCT clutch kits and components and it is important that we can provide them with the tools and support required to install these components. As part of this, we have introduced the tool hire program that allows customers to hire the required tools for the clutch installation rather than having to purchase multiple vehicle specific tools.”

The program includes nine different tool kits including a range of DCT clutch installation and removal tools as well as a self-adjusting clutch tool designed to assist in the installation of kits with selfadjusting pressure plates without causing the internal mechanism to incorrectly adjust during installation.

ACS offers a comprehensive range of DCT clutch kits, flywheels, actuators, service kits and tools for purchase.

The hire program is available through any ACS distributor with the purchase of applicable clutch kits. For more information call 1800 CLUTCH or visit www.australianclutch.com.au

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