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Aftermarket Replacement Parts

by Digital Mayne Media

It’s amazing how many vehicle owners will shy away from OEM equipment.

They’ll still expect and demand the very highest quality service, and will rant and complain if their vehicle isn’t kept in peak condition, but for some reason there’s a belief OEM components are unjustifiably expensive. On top of that, there’s a common misconception that ‘aftermarket’ means components made by hand using medieval methods in small Asian villages and bought through Ebay.

It’s all nonsense, of course. Good aftermarket replacement parts are in high demand, and, fortunately, there are manufacturers and suppliers offering product which is every bit as reliable and well-made as OEM gear.

Companies like Denso – which offers a huge range of starter motors and alternators, automotive air conditioning, bus air conditioning, diesel products, engine-cooling components, engine sensors and ignition products – and Bapcor with its fast-growing catalogue, lead the pack, while people like the folks at Disc Brakes Australia can make the difference between a customer shaking his head and looking for a new workshop in future or shaking the service manager’s hand and leaving with a smile saying, “See you next time!”

In most cases a customer will never know whether or not their vehicle was serviced with OEM components, and that makes it essential workshops ensure the components used are as good, or better than, manufacturer spec. ACM has sifted through a swag of suppliers and come up with a few which offer aftermarket gear which will enhance the professionalism and respect of the workshops which use it.

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