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Aisin Braking System Stopping You Reliably and Safely

Efficient and functional brake systems with exceptional brake pedal feeling.

AISIN is one of the world’s leading OE manufacturers for Japanese, European and American vehicles. Established in 1965 in Japan, the AISIN Group has dedicated itself to the manufacture and sales of quality automotive parts and has become a top 10 automotive component supplier in the global market. With Aisin’s history and expertise, it is no surprise that the aftermarket industry relies on them for their brake supply.

Efficient and functional brake systems mean safe and sure stops, that’s why Aisin provides a high-performance extensive range of braking components with no exception on quality.

The Aisin/Advics brake range has been manufactured to provide hightemperature tolerance, high-friction as well as an exceptional performance, that minimises the risk of accidents. The internal components of the AISIN/Advics braking system have been designed and built to OE specifications delivering the peace of mind that your car will stop reliably and safely. The Aisin/ Advics braking products are available in Australia through EXEDY’s vast network of dealers and distributors.

• Delivers optimal air pressure to the brake master cylinder
• Provides precise pedal feel to help prevent driver fatigue
• Manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure safe operation
• Engineered to exacting OE specifications
• Maximises durability.

• Consistent braking performance using carbon ceramic friction material
• Designed and manufactured under OE specifications assuring superior quality
• Quiet, smooth and low dust operation under all braking conditions.

Compared to drum brakes, disc brakes offer better stopping performance due to improvements in cooling efficiency. Therefore, discs are less prone to the brake fade caused by overheating.
• OE quality
• Offers improved stiffness and brake noise and vibration performance
• Quiet and smooth operation under all braking conditions
• Lighter weight and greater resilience using mono-body design.

Constructed with expert machining to achieve tight, precise tolerances that eliminate judder, vibration, distortion and assure smoother stops. AISIN Rotors are engineered to provide high heat dissipation for maximum friction and overall high braking performance.
• High carbon evenly distributed through steel for consistent heat diffusion and better fade.
• Resistant to higher temperatures.
• Ensures thermal stability and optimized friction characteristics for durability and long life.

Available in Australia through Exedy.

Check the EXEDY online catalogue at for up-to-date listings and application information.

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