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Established in 1965 in Japan, the AISIN Group have dedicated themselves to the manufacture and sales of automotive parts and has become a global top 10 automotive component supplier.

Building on its strengths as an OE manufacturer of an extensive product range, Aisin supplies the global aftermarket with a variety of replacement parts. The range includes clutch kits, gearboxes, water pumps, freewheel hubs, fan clutches, clutch and brake hydraulics, lubricants and much more.

What Are The Main Product Ranges?

  1. Clutch: AISIN Clutch Kits combine ideal clutch components to deliver optimal drivetrain efficiency. Providing power transfer with precise pedal feel, AISIN Clutch Kits are always OE Specified.
  2. Cooling: AISIN is the No.1 Original Equipment Manufacturer of Water Pumps in the world. AISIN’s advanced aluminium die-casting technology allows for size and weight reductions without sacrificing cooling performance
  3. Freewheel Hubs: Engineered to exacting OE specifications, AISIN Free Wheel Hubs efficiently transfer and disconnects drivetrain power to part-time 4 Wheel Drive applications. Compact in design and durable against the toughest terrain, AISIN Freewheel Hubs are manufactured to the highest standards and are always OE Specified.
  4. Hydraulics: AISIN’s original equipment technology and know-how are applied to design and engineering brake and clutch hydraulic cylinders. Each part manufactured is vehicle specific, ensuring product quality and reliability. Exacting OE standards and quality must be met for hydraulics, especially for safety items such as brake hydraulic components. Since all hydraulic components are manufactured in the same OE plant and following the same OE standards, there is no questioning about quality, performance and reliability
  5. Brakes: To ensure automobile production that minimises accidents and avoids disasters, the AISIN brake range includes high-performance, high-quality brake systems. Efficient and functional brake systems mean safe and sure stops
  6. Lubricants: Aisin unique engine oil is designed to meet different car needs from high-performance requirements to heavy-duty use across multiple type engines: gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG and others. AISIN also markets a range of ATF & CVT fluids as well as brake fluid and grease.

Where Can We Find These Aisin Products?

The Aisin products are now available in Australia through EXEDY’s vast network of dealers and distributors.

Which Vehicles Are These Aisin Products Suitable For?

Many of these same parts are supplied as OE to major Japanese vehicles manufacturers such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, Suzuki and also to European and American brands.

Aisin – Brake, Clutch And Hydraulics Clutch And Brake Hydraulic:

  • Precision honing of hydraulic cylinders are monitored under OE quality control standards
  • Anodizing and “Kanizen” plating of cylinder bodies strengthens surface, ensuring smooth operation of the piston, and resists corrosion
  • Heat resistant and extended life Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM) seals prevent leakage
  • Quick response design reacts to the driver’s clutch and brake pedal input.

Brake Booster:

  • Delivers optimal air pressure to the brake master cylinder
  • Provides precise pedal feel while preventing driver fatigue
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure safe operation
  • Maximise durability.

Brake Pads:

  • Consistent braking performance through the use of carbon-ceramic friction material
  • Design and manufacturing under original equipment specifications assure superior quality
  • Quiet, smooth and low dust operation under all braking conditions.

Brake Caliper:

  • Offers high dimension in terms of both stiffness and brake noise and vibration performance
  • Lighter weight and greater resilience using mono-body design
  • Applications range from light vehicles to trucks
  • Efficient and functional brake systems mean safe and sure stops.

Which Are The Most Popular Applications For This Range?

  • Toyota LandCruiser
  • Hilux
  • Prado
Check the EXEDY online catalogue at www.exedy.com.au for up-to-date listings and application information.

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