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Alemlube Keeps You On Track

Alemlube has actively supported the automotive industry, in particular the vehicle-servicing sector, for decades, resulting in a solid reputation.

Alembule has a solid reputation for providing reliable well-known and robust vehicle hoists, tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners and general workshop equipment sourced from the world’s foremost automotive-equipment manufacturers.

Presenting vast options, the range comprises top-shelf equipment when only the best will do, and equally reliable Alemlube Automotive workshop equipment gives opportunities to align with a wide scope of budgets.

Clearly, regular vehicle maintenance is important for reliability, a major contributor and expectation in keeping you on the road and the wheels of business turning.

Alemlube specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of essential automotive workshop equipment and the design, equipment supply and fit out of workshops, be they small independent or large dealership workshops.

The range and diversity of vehicle hoists, wheel-service equipment, greasing equipment, drum pumps, hose reels, lubrication systems, waste-oil management equipment, spill-containment products and general workshop equipment is not only vast but reliable, dependable and fully backed by Alemlube project managers, service technicians and qualified tradesmen who have extensive experience in the automotive industry.

It’s one thing to supply equipment to the automotive-service industry, it’s another to provide back-up service, maintenance and repairs for your capital investment to ensure maximum productivity.

That ongoing support is as important to Alemlube as is the initial supply and installation of your equipment, and it comes with a commitment to support your servicing functions by providing:

A complete site audit of all your equipment with a recommended service schedule for each component to suit your needs:
• A full warranty for all works carried out on equipment in your facility, irrespective of type or brand
• Qualified and courteous technicians to carry out any works needed on site
• Detailed records of all works carried out with recommendations of any improvements identified.

The Alemlube team delivers unequal led product service and certainly offers an industry-leading approach to product knowledge, advice and after-sales support.

Complying with both International and Australian certification standards, the workshop-equipment ranges available from Alemlube not only represent benchmark quality, they provide many years of accurate, reliable service, are investments in efficiency and value for money.

Take time to visit for further information, and remember, when it comes to vehicle-workshop servicing equipment, Alemlube has you covered.

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