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All The Bases Covered With Candan

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Candan Industries has built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading lubricant manufacturers in the three decades since the launch of its INOX product range.

The 100 per cent Australian- owned-and-operated, Queensland-based company has steadily grown its product portfolio over the years to cater to a range of industries and applications.

In line with Candan’s stringent testing process, the original INOX MX3 anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant – which in the years since its launch has become known as the “Supreme Lubricant”, becoming a go-to product when premium quality is required – was in development for two years prior to its release in 1990, as Candan set about creating the right product for the market. It is a process that has become firmly entrenched over the years, and which sees Candan priding itself on sourcing its raw materials, packaging and other INOX-related items from local manufacturers, with the company intent on standing out in the market via its strong focus on the finer details and its customer-first approach.

Since the launch of the INOX MX3, Candan’s INOX line has grown to comprise 12 different products, with each product rigorously trialled and tested before being released to the market, and developed to deliver a range of specific qualities, being specially configured for use across different industries and applications.

Supporting the speciality nature of its INOX products, Candan has also sought to gain specific industry certifications across the range, including NSF food grade, NATO, Kosher and MPI/NZFSA certifications.

Across its line of 12 products – from a food grade spray lubricant, to heavy duty industrial grease, a PTFE paste, a lanolin-based grease, a dry film lubricant and a chain lubricant – Candan states that “INOX has all the bases covered”, with the line including “lubricants from fine penetrating oils to heavy high temperature grease and just about everything in between”.

A Range Of Automotive Applications

This sees Candan cater to a range of automotive needs, from the INOX MX2 battery conditioner, designed to deliver long-term life and better performance for car, motorcycle and truck batteries, to the INOX MX3, which is suitable for a range of automotive purposes, including for use on upholstery and dashes, door hinges and locks, and control cables and linkages.

The INOX MX6, a synthetic PAO-base extreme pressure grease, can be used on disc brake calliper slides and flywheel spigot bearings, and the INOX MX8, sporting extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, can be deployed across a range of functions, including brake and clutch, wheel bearings, chassis, control cables and linkages, suspension and steering, trailers and winches applications.

Meanwhile, encompassing a greater range of automotive components, including auto electrical, engines/transmissions, auto transmissions, fuel injection systems, manifolds and exhausts, and panel and paint functions, the INOX line has a variety of applications covered.

Along with the automotive sector, across the aviation, commercial, domestic, electrical, electronics, engineering, farming and mining, firearms, fishing, hobbies, manufacturing, marine, motorcycle, sports and transport sectors, the INOX line delivers a range of applications and is decked out to deliver outstanding results. This versatility sees INOX products available at all major automotive, industrial, electrical, hardware, bearing and mining, marine, fishing and tackle outlets around the country.

Along with becoming a fixture in the local market, the INOX line has also made its mark overseas, with Candan exporting to over 25 countries, including: the United States (where the company also maintains an office), Canada, France, UK, New Zealand, Fiji and Malaysia.

Candan states that it is committed to performing business in an environmentally responsible manner – and, as part of its sustainability goals, is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, seeking to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging.

For more information or to find your nearest supplier visit www.inoxmx.com

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