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The extensive range of WB Tools is now available online.

The online store is interactive and gives customers full access to more than 800+ quality products, express delivery options, secure payment options, live chat, special offers and promotions.

Browse WB Tools comprehensive range of tools which includes:

Purchases are delivered fast, right across Australia.

Warren & Brown began its journey right here in Australia in 1921, becoming famous for their innovative torque wrench range, which quickly became the industry standard for its high quality and precision. Since then the product range has been growing steadily to cater for auto mechanics, tradespeople and tool lovers from all industries.

Their latest product release features:

• A new range of 90-100 teeth ratchets for unparalleled precision. Warren & Brown’s attention to detail and endless pursuit of innovation is what differentiates them from the crowd. The new ratchets are made from premium aluminium bodies and have 90-100 teeth per ratchet, where others have 60-70, giving you unmatched precision.

Mini pry bar setfor those hard to reach spaces. The mini pry bar set contains three bars with different hook shapes to suit any job. Made from high quality metal, it’s built to last and is a reliable addition to any toolset.

Auto-retractable utility knife for slicing with ease.

The utility knife automatically retracts the hook blade when the slider is released for a safe and clean cut every time. Should your blade get worn out or blunt, each knife comes with a spare blade housed in the knife handle.

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