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ASV P-Free Tyres

We have all been there, stuck on the side of the road in the rain changing a flat tyre or know someone who has.

Over the years manufacturers have tried many ways of addressing this ever-present problem with the motor vehicles such as tyre sealants and run flat tyres but these solutions have their limitations. However, there might be a solution to this age-old problem. The puncture free tyre from ASV.

The P-free tyre has a Memory Nano Polymer Rubber Technology (MNPRT) coating on the inside of the tyre that works automatically when a sharp object pierces through the tyre sealing the tyre even when the object is removed, preventing any air leakage.

Here at the TAFE NSW Northern Beaches campus we were interested in having a closer look at this technology developed by ASV. Brent Smaill, Brand Development Manager for ASV, made the trip up the campus to showcase the P-free tyre. Brent has a vast knowledge of the tyre industry and explains the P-free tyre is made in two parts at two separate factories with a quality tyre being produced by one factory, then the MNPRT coating is applied at another. There are regulations when it comes to puncture repairs with the P-free tyre meeting stringent Australian Quality Standards and can reliably seal a puncture up to 6mm in diameter.

It was then on to testing. After puncturing a P-free tyre with several screws, it became clear that this tyre wasn’t going to leak. By looking at the tyre tread there was plenty of evidence of other such tests being carried out previously and again no signs of any air leaks.

Brent tells us that having undergone rigorous testing, the P-free tyre seals permanently, so there is no need to have the tyre repaired. This is backed up by a three-year or 40,000km warranty on tyres and a lifetime warranty on the puncture free sealant inside the tyre.

The applications for such a product are numerous, not to mention the safety implications with several notable cases of fatalities whilst people have been changing tyres on the side of the road.

The P-free tyre is available in many popular tyre sizes including four-wheel drives. So, if you or your customers are in the market for new tyres, the P-free tyre from ASV is definitely worth considering.

Reviewed By Adam Watkins

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