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AURO OtoSys IM100 Professional Key Programming Tool

Scan tools are essential in an automotive workshop and as vehicle technology progresses so must scan tools.

Now I’ve reviewed quite a few scan tools, but this is my first scan tool designed for key programming.

Key/ immobiliser programming and ECU matching are treacherous waters to navigate as these require programming which is generally out of reach for most workshops outside of the dealer networks. The AURO OtoSys IM100 Professional Key Programming Tool is a tablet-based scan tool working on the Android platform with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and quad-core processor. The menus are easy to use and clearly set out with key programming, service and diagnostic functions.

The tool comes with a years’ worth of free software downloads once you sign up online, which is easy to do. It is advisable to update the tool prior to using it. The IM100 we used for testing required over 24 updates from the new unit registration. The IM100 works on Autel based software and as such the vehicle selection and software focuses on the American and European markets.

The service function menu is quite extensive. It supports oil service resets as well as brake bleed, window, suspension and lane change functions to name a few.

During the test on a Toyota Camry the IM100 connected to the vehicle after manually selecting the vehicle criteria. The diagnostic functions worked well and graphing PIDS was easy to do. The data was also able to be recorded and played back – which is a helpful function when diagnosing faults.

The key programming can be carried either via the ignition lock for some blade keys like the Toyota Camry or using the UP200 key reader which is supplied with the kit. During the test we were able to program the Camry key however, when tested on a Kia Rio, only the key data could be retrieved and there was no programming function available. So, prior to undertaking any key programming it would be best to check in with Autel to make sure the vehicle and key are supported.

The IM100 is a functional tablet-based scan tool with key programming capability. If you’re looking to move into key programming, then this tool is worth a look.

Reviewed By Adam Watkins

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