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Aussie motorcycle sales figures from 2022 revealed

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has revealed the numbers for motorcycle and off-highway vehicle (OHV) sales from 2022, showing decreases in some areas and increases in others.

A total of 99,030 motorcycles and OHVs were sold in 2022, down 19.8 per cent from the previous year. The largest contributor to this total was off-road motorcycles which accounted for 42.1 per cent of the total sales (41,681 units), however this was a decrease of 21.5 per cent from 2021.
Road motorcycles were next, totalling in 36,208 (36.6 per cent) – a decrease of 2.8 per cent from 2021. Scooters were the smallest portion of the market with 5,316 sold in 2022, however this figure was an increase of 5.4 per cent on 2021.

“The rise in interest rates has resulted in consumers tightening their finances,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said.
“Unfortunately recreational products are often the first items removed from household budgets. This, combined with ongoing global supply chain pandemic recovery, has led to less than expected overall sales in 2022.”

Despite the dip, Tony said advances in motorcycle and OHV industries gave cause for optimism in the industry heading into 2023.

“We have got increased productivity, a growing range of safety aids, the emergence of battery electric power and a great range of product choices for consumers,” he said.
“We are looking forward to 2023 and beyond.”

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