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Australia one step closer to Fuel Efficiency Standard

Fuel Efficiency Standard

It appears Australians are more eager than ever to adopt a new Fuel Efficiency Standard.

This is according to released submissions to the Federal Government during its consultation process on the matter.
A Fuel Efficiency Standard is aimed at reducing the amount of high-emission vehicles sold in Australia.
This then incentivises an increase in hybrids, electric cars and other new energy vehicles.
This development comes as data indicates more businesses than ever are looking to adopt electric vehicles for work cars.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) was one body whose feedback was welcomed during consultation.
Chief Executive Tony Weber said the body supported an ambitious, yet achievable Fuel Efficiency Standard.

“We can establish a standard which gets us on the pathway to zero emissions, supports car makers to attract the best low emission technology to the Australian market, while providing consumers with certainty and clarity around future vehicle availability,” he said.
“The exact form of a fuel efficiency standard needs to consider the model cycle time frames to bring more fuel-efficient vehicles into Australia and the level of financial and non-financial support from the government. Across the world, this partnership of industry and government has been crucial to the development of low-emission vehicles.
“Most importantly, any policy that does not bring consumers along the path of reform will, by definition, fail. Key to the transition for consumers is the availability of product that they want or need at an affordable price.”

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Catherine King said the nation has lagged behind international vehicle markets, “meaning Australians are missing out on a range of overseas models and the benefits they bring.”

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