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The more features that are added to cars the more tools we technicians require to diagnose and repair them. The reality now is that you need more than just a scan tool in the modern automotive workshop. Take Tyre Pressure Monitoring systems (TPMS) for instance, what was once a luxury option once upon a time, is now standard on most vehicles.

Here at the Northern Sydney Institute we tool tested the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508. This hand held tool is a one stop shop for diagnosis and repair to all TPM systems. The tool is charged up via a USB cable and AC adapter and the auto-off feature ensures prolonged battery life. It comes in a sturdy carry case with both a Quickstart guide and detailed manual with step-by-step, easy to follow screenshots and the required software.

As with all these types of tools, software is the key, as we found out without it not much happens. After subscribing and logging into the Autel website and loading the supplied software, we carried out a substantial update of the TS508.

The TS508 is user friendly and after selecting the Quick Mode icon from the colour menu screen, we easily read the tyre pressure sensors of a 2017 Hyundai Tucson just by holding the tool up to the tyre valve and pushing the trigger button. The TS508 reads tyre pressure, tyre temperature and ID.

This tool goes beyond just reading values. When connected to the OBDII port you can program and relearn sensors, which would be ideal in a tyre shop where sensors can require replacement from time to time.

The TS508 has a nice little feature and one I would find myself using quite a bit. When selecting the Toolkit icon from the menu, the TS508 can read key fob signals. I tested this feature using several different keys and it appears that if the key transmits on 315MHz or 433MHz, the TS508 can read it. As keys tend to give some trouble due their hard life of being dropped and knocked around, this tool will be an asset in your diagnostic process.

As TPM systems age and internal sensor batteries fail, you will require a tool to diagnose faults and code new sensors with the added benefit of being able to diagnose remote key faults. The MaxiTPMS TS508 is a tool for the modern automotive workshop.

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