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There are a flood of scan tools on the market these days and with the wide variety of cars out there, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your workshop. From my own experience, European cars and aftermarket scan tools rarely work together, and if you specialise in this field it can be quite frustrating. Not being able to actuate Electronic Park brakes or even scan a control unit can make the simplest job a nightmare.

The MOT Pro European edition EU908 from Autel is a professional level scan tool and, as the name suggests, covers all major European brands. Although the menu does contain an American and Asian market vehicle selection catalogue, we found these functions to be limited. The package is quite basic with the hand held tool coming in a sturdy carry case, a detailed easy to follow manual and a USB cable to connect the unit to a PC. There is no AC adapter in the kit, so the only way to power the unit is via connection to a PC or the OBDII port on the vehicle.

Prior to using the unit, it is advisable to register the unit on the Autel website and, using the supplied software, carry out an update to make sure you are working with the most current software version. Just note you will need an SD card reader to update the EU908 and an internet connection.

We tested the EU908 on several European car brands and found that overall it performed quite well. The EU908’s colour screen and icons are well laid out and the Autel operating platform is user friendly with students being able to navigate it easily.

The EU908 offers both the standard OBDII scan tool functions as well as a complete vehicle scan. It has a variety of service functions including Battery monitor reset, DPF regeneration, Service reset, Electronic park brake actuation and steering angle sensor calibration. Whether servicing or repairing Euro cars, these functions come in handy from something as simple as replacing a car battery on vehicles with a smart charging system which require a reset of the battery monitoring system, to the recalibration of the steering angle sensor after carrying out a wheel alignment. All these features are conveniently located on the start-up menu screen making them easy to access. The MOT Pro EU908 is an easy to use hand held scan tool and is packed with features. So if you’re repairing or servicing Euro cars, this scan tool is definitely worth adding to your scan tool collection.

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