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AutoCool A1000 & AutoCool A2000 – A Step Above

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Air conditioning services can be a great add on sale or standalone profit centre.

Getting the right machine can help or hinder the profitability of this service. Interequip has been involved with AC machines for many years. “It became apparent early on that one of the most susceptible parts of the machine was the actual gauges. They need calibration, are not vibration tolerant and are vulnerable to physical damage,” said Interequip’s director Alex Visser. “We decided to see if we could find a product that was one step above the competition in relation to this weakness. It needed to include all the features our customers came to love about our existing range but the machine needed to be fast, faster than our competition. We understood that vacuum pump specifications and speed were completely irrelevant to what the AC machine was actually capable of delivering.

So we set about looking for a machine which could deliver real world evacuation volume and speed data”.

Interequip are proud to introduce a new line up to their already robust range. The A1000 and A2000 both feature screen displays with graphical gauges running off of very accurate pressure transducers.

Both are fully automatic machines. Most importantly, they can be operated manually or in full auto mode.

“Many of our customers appreciate this feature as it means they can evacuate a system to replace a component before charging”. Older technology machines are fully automatic only, meaning the operator needs to run over and switch the machine off after the evacuation process has been completed to change system components.

Our two new machines can be set to evacuate then set to full auto mode to complete the system vac down and charge.

Other great features include a heater for the colder States, automatic measurement of oil removed and automatic addition of the same amount of oil added into the new charge. Both machines feature an automatic service counter. This ensures the easily changeable internal filter won’t get blocked or inadvertently induce particles to a new system.

The A1000 and A2000 are both supplied with printers and vehicle database. These new machines also do an automatic leak test on the cars system. All charging data is recorded to ensure compliance with Government inspectors.

The A1000 is a touch screen LCD display the A2000 is a monitor style display. See a quick comparison chart below.

Contact Interequip at 18000EQUIP (1800037847)
For more information visit http://www.ie.tools or www.interequip.com.au

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