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Autodata Vehicle Technical Info

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As mentioned in previous tool tests, one of the best tools you can have in your toolbox is access to technical data.

Cars are constantly becoming more complex and whether it’s servicing, diagnosing or repairing, you need the right technical data to get the right outcome.

It has been a while since we have reviewed Autodata so it was a good opportunity to try out some of Autodata’s new features. With 41,536 vehicle updates and 308 feature enhancements, it is safe to say Autodata is on the path of continual development.

Autodata has a new look platform which is user friendly, making access to technical information quicker and easier. There is a quick link menu for all your servicing information such as service schedules, camshaft drive systems and service indicator resets. I also particularly like the service summary menu which identifies service intervals for individual service items without having to search through service schedules to find it. Service schedules are easily printed with items such as time and parts required also able to be included on the print out.

The new menu layout is great with a wealth of information available in the various menus, which are well labelled and easy to use. For example, I have used the Electronic parking brake menu in both the classroom and in industry. This comprises of a function description of how the system works as well as any special tools required and an easy-to-follow guide on how to carry out maintenance on the system. The diagrams are well presented and easy to follow.

When diagnosing vehicles, Autodata has a known fixes and bulletins menu that just might save you valuable time if the fault is a common problem with that particular model. There is also a greater range of wiring diagrams to view such as body, ABS etc… to assist you with your diagnosing as well as guided tests on specific components.

There are just too many features to highlight and the more you explore Autodata the more you come to realise just how comprehensive and user friendly the new look platform is.

Whether its training new apprentices or looking for information to service or repair a customer’s vehicle, there is no doubt Autodata should be in every toolbox in the modern automotive workshop.

Reviewed By Adam Watkins

For more information visit http://www.autodata-group.com

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