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Automotive and Restoration Tools

From preparing surfaces for painting to metal shaping, Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse has you covered with their new Toolmaster ATS-330 Air Belt Sander and Metalmaster EWHD-65.

The Toolmaster 10 x 330mm Air belt sander is light weight and easy to operate making it the ideal tool for sanding, deburring, cleaning and surface preparation.

It features a swivel arm for limited space applications and an easy to adjust power speed  with built-in regulator.

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The Air belt sander comes with a two-year warranty and features:

  • Lightweight composite body weighing only 0.8kg
  • 10 x 330mm belt size
  • Swivel arm for better access in limited space applications
  • Easy to adjust power speed with built-in regulator
  • Quick change belt replacement
  • Handle exhaust
  • Ideal tool for sanding, deburring, cleaning, finishing, polishing and surface preparation on most materials including metal, plastics, wood and fibreglass.
  • Includes three belts (one each 80, 100 and 120 grit).
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