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Bendix Brake Shoes

Bendix saves time and money with drilled commercial vehicle brake linings in kit form.

Effective braking and optimum stopping distance is vitally important for commercial vehicle operators, not only ensuring safety for the driver but also other road users.

During regular maintenance of the vehicle’s drum braking system, the mechanic is often faced with the task of replacing the brake shoes or relining these. Where a complete Bendix brake shoe is not available the Bendix drilled brake linings in kit form, offer a number of practical benefits.

The high quality steel zinc plated rivets provided in the kit offer high strength, resistance to abrasion and corrosion whilst retaining their intrinsic structure ensuring the bond to the brake shoe lasts the full life of the lining.

The engineered rivets provided are easy to apply with standard workshop equipment and effectively bypass the time consuming procedure of bonding the linings to the brake shoe.

Designed to suit their OE specifications, Bendix linings accurately align with the drilled holes providing a cost effective way of avoiding the expensive replacement of the entire brake shoe and also reducing both time on the job and downtime for the vehicle.

With a comprehensive range that covers most of the OE commercial vehicle applications, Bendix drilled brake linings and brake shoes are available from leading commercial vehicle parts stockists.

To see the full range of linings visit or talk to your local Bendix representative.
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