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Bendix nabs two top awards at AAAE 2024

Bendix took home two prestigious awards at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo in Melbourne.

In a field of strong contenders, Bendix emerged victorious in the ‘2024 Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Parts)’ category with its innovative General CT™ Disc Brake Rotors. Additionally, the company secured the ‘2024 Excellence in Manufacturing’ award, further solidifying its reputation in the industry.

The General CT™ Disc Brake Rotors, a new addition to their product line, are designed to provide dependable, durable, and confidence-boosting braking performance for everyday passenger vehicles. A standout feature is the industry-first SwiftCheck™ technology, which offers a quick and easy visual indicator for assessing rotor wear. This feature enables automotive professionals to gauge the remaining life of a rotor without measuring its thickness, thus simplifying the decision-making process regarding part replacement.

The Excellence in Manufacturing award celebrates Bendix’s commitment to local production at its Ballarat, Victoria, facilities, including both its Manufacturing Facility and Research and Design Centre. Significant enhancements were made last year, including an upgrade to the disc pad finishing line that allows for single piece flow finishing of products. This advancement eliminated the need for batch processing and reduced setup times by over 50 per cent, increasing productivity by 15 per cent.

Image: Bendix

Moreover, the introduction of a groundbreaking Robotic Grinder, a world first, supports Bendix’s vision for a make-to-order production model. This machine enables precise application of complex grinding patterns on brake pads, including angular grooves and chamfers. Further enhancements to the facility are planned for 2024.

George Kyriakopoulos, CEO of FMP Group (Australia) Bendix, expressed great satisfaction with the recognition, noting that the awards affirm the company’s dedication to delivering innovative braking solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets. “We’re delighted with the recognition from our industry peers, which reflects the hard work and commitment of the entire Bendix team,” Kyriakopoulos said.

He also highlighted the potential benefits of the new General CT™ Disc Brake Rotors for enhancing safety and workshop efficiency. “Our ongoing investments in local manufacturing, incorporating smart technology and innovative processes, not only enhance our competitive edge but also bring substantial benefits to motorists in Australia and New Zealand, including better access to high-quality, locally tailored brake pads,” he added.

Encouraged by these accolades, Bendix is optimistic about the future and its continuing role in advancing automotive safety and efficiency.

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