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Bendix New Website

Launched earlier this year, the new Bendix website and online catalogue provide wealth of information for the trade.

Trade customers will welcome the new Bendix website complete with Australia’s most comprehensive and up to date online catalogue and data book on brake pads and brake shoes with the wealth of information the new site provides.

The theme ‘Put Your Foot Down with ConfidenceTM’ with the website and online catalogue is designed to provide high levels of confidence for the trade. It contains a wealth in technical information and the electronic catalogue and data covering passenger vehicles, 4WDs and light commercial applications, provides the most up to the minute vehicle listings and vehicle data available. This valuable information is being constantly updated into the future.

Search engines allow users to search by vehicle or part number along with comprehensive details on the full Bendix product range offering the widest range to customise disc brake pads for any customers driving style for longer, smoother and safer braking. The comprehensive data base also enables a search by the OEM part number for European vehicles and images of the brake parts allow easy identification of the right part each and every time. Importantly, vehicle definitions are consistent with other trade catalogues within the industry.

The technology section of the new website covers information on the new Stealth Advanced Technology developed by Bendix engineers to deliver whisper quiet braking with silky smooth operation and a reduction in brake dust. Also developed by the company’s engineering team is the now well established Blue Titanium pads designed to provide instant bedding in, plus the Ceramic Technology used in the General CT pads, a premium grade ceramic formulation for superior noise reduction, vibration and harshness control, constant pedal feel, enhanced durability and high fade resistance.

Not only does the new website include all products and vehicle application data to help your day, but you are kept upto date with Bendix news including the latest Technical Bulletins and B-Mail plus more than 100 videos containing valuable technical data for the mechanic.

Help is provided with answers to frequently asked questions from both mechanics and drivers on brake problems. Technical tips on ABS/ESC and replacements, what brake pads to use with Active Cruise Control and safety tips for the mechanic and there is a members portal plus a guide to the nearest Bendix stockist plus easy contact with the Bendix Help Line.

For more information on the new Bendix website, to access the online catalogue and to find out more about the advantages of Bendix visit www.bendix.com.au
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