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Autodata looks into issues with a BMW 1 series car that makes a whining noise under the vehicle when driving above 90 km/h.

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A customer’s 2012 BMW 1 series has a whining noise coming from under the vehicle when driving above 90 kpm. We have experienced the noise on road test but cannot find the source of the fault in the workshop. We have checked all of the screws holding the underbody shields are to the correct torque. We cannot see anything that would be causing this noise. Can you help?


Yes, we have come across this fault on several BMW models and it is due to excessive clearance between the front and centre underbody shields.

Remove the centre underbody shield. Thoroughly clean underbody in area indicated Fig.1.1.

Fit foam pad, available from BMW parts department, to cleaned area. Refit center underbody shield.

Carry out a road test to ensure noise has been eliminated.

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