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Brakes And Clutches

In a world where technology and  new products are advancing at an almost impossible rate, any time a company decides to take the time and effort to make life easier for the technicians that have to work with these new products day in day out, by producing training videos and programs, you got to make sure these companies get the credit they deserve.

One such company is Schaeffler who has just produced a series of training videos on dry and wet double clutches for garages. Well done, Schaeffler!

In a mountain of awesome new brake orientated products, we have soooo much to share with you all. Bendix has some awesome new developments in their website with a full 3D version of the Bendix Brake System Guide which gives you full 360° viewing of the whole system.

The team at DBA never stop pushing their range forward to new heights. They have recently announced the launch of their own brand new brake shoe program to bolster their existing line up of high quality street and performance pads.

From Australian to European news, Burson Auto Parts now include premium quality European parts for those of you who like a little European flair in their life, with two new ranges of Germany’s worldleading

European vehicle parts specifically for European vehicle repairers. On new launches and products, TRW launches the world’s first aftermarket brake pad for electric vehicles. It is named

“Electric Blue” and it’s not a 1980s skin flick but a new brake pad which has been produced in response to the global move toward hybrid and electric vehicles. If you are looking for a 4X4 hi performance clutch to keep you out on those tracks, Xtreme Outback may have just what you are looking for as they have just launched an Extra Heavy Duty upgrade to suit the 2005-2015 Toyota HiLux Diesel models. There will be a lot of people rubbing their hands together right now, planning when they will get this into their HiLux before the next big trip!

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