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Brand New Impact Guns

Products That WorkTM (PTWTM) have just released a game changer in pneumatic impact gun technology, introducing the brand new DAI Impact Guns.

Traditional impact guns have all used and shared the same basic design for many years with a single-sided rotor air inlet. DAI Double Air Intake technology is a game changer.

A brand new Impact Gun Re-Imagined with a revolutionary Patented DAI – Double Air Intake motor system. The Innovative DAI design increases the air intake and flow to deliver a 25 percent increase in torque while at the same time decreasing the overall size and weight of the tool

A tool with a similar same size and weight to the new MG-IG1100 1/2” Impact Gun would normally produce around 600ft-lbs Max torque. However, with the new DAI Technology, the MG-IG1100 is 1/2kg lighter and produces a massive 1000ft-lbs (1355Nm) of torque without breaking a sweat!

Unlike traditional guns, instead of air only driving one side of the impact gun rotor, DAI Technology delivers force to opposite sides of the rotor motor. This increases torque, accelerates initial drive speed and creates a more balanced impact gun with high performance. This gun performs like an Italian sports car!

The MG-IG1100 ½” Impact gun includes the following features:

  • Max torque 1000ft-lbs (1355Nm)
  • With massive nut busting torque of 1715ft-lbs (2325Nm)
  • Twin Hammer mechanism
  • One-handed switch for 2x Forward speeds and 1x full power in reverse
  • Shortest tool length of it’s kind at only 150mm
  • Ergonomics comfort handle with an insulating rubber grip and excellent balance
  • Hardened end plates for prolonged service life
  • Long-life composite rotor blade material
  • Sealed unit using High-quality Viton seals
  • Weight 1.6kg

Battery Vs Air

Many workshops have invested in battery powered impact guns. With constant recharging, the service life of battery-operated impact guns are well short when compared to the long life pneumatic tools are known for. We all know of battery tools, batteries or chargers that have failed with no replacement parts available or the model has been replaced by a model with different batteries, chargers and of course the parts are not interchangeable.

Workshops are not changing over to all battery-operated tools. Research shows on average there are only 15-20 percent battery operated tools in Australian workshops. Who was it that told you workshops are moving away from pneumatic to battery impact guns? Probably someone that sells battery powered tools?

Pneumatic tools never went away. It was only that battery tools were new, exciting and, in general, they have been receiving a lot more attention in the media. With DAI technology and the known reliability offered by pneumatic tools, they are here to stay and are attracting the attention they deserve. Pneumatic tools can last many years. Pneumatic impact guns often endure 5 to 10 years of daily use. They are very reliable, repairable, (which is better for our environment) and you never need to wait for the battery to charge.

Also available in, 3/4” DAI Impact Gun with 1600ft-lbs (2170Nm)

Part No. MG-IG3000.

Contact PTW TM or your PTW TM distributor to purchase on (03) 9764 2088
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