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NGK have been synonymous with ignition systems for over 80 years.

While NGK have built their reputation in Australia over the last 35 years supplying the largest range of top quality spark plugs, following the release of their ignition coil range, the company now provides the complete ignition solution. “We have implemented a series of technical and customer service benchmarks that apply across our three product groups, spark plugs, ignition leads and ignition coils,” said James Filshie, Senior Product Manager at NGK Spark Plug Australia.

“As a result we have developed loyal and valued relationships with trade workshops and mechanics all around Australia.

“Those professionals who are familiar with our Australian specific catalogues will agree that we have the most extensive range,” remarked James. “This is primarily due to the fact that we develop products for each individual vehicle application. This ensures all of our ignition components work together to deliver complete ignitability, maximum engine power and optimum fuel economy, while at the same time minimising emissions,” he added.

“We are driven by continuous product improvement, range expansion and innovation,” said James. NGK have enjoyed success in a multitude of motorsport disciplines including Formula 1, V8 Supercars, the World Rally Championship and of course MOTO GP.”

In addition to their commitment to research and development, NGK also pride themselves on their superior manufacturing processes.

“When you choose NGK you are buying peace of mind as all products manufactured by NGK adhere to the well known high quality standards of NGK Japan,” added James.

To find out more visit ngk.com.au or call one of their highly trained customer service representatives on 1300 55 40 59.

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