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BulletPro 502 Gas Analyzer By Adam Watkins

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In the modern automotive workshop a 5 gas exhaust analyser is an essential diagnostic tool when diagnosing faults with emission control systems or tuning a vehicle. Emission regulation has never been more stringent and there are ever increasing demands on car manufacturers to lower vehicle emissions. It won’t be long before an emissions test will be part of the annual registration inspection.

The BulletPro 502 Portable Gas Analyser is a 5-gas stand alone automotive emission analyser with a built in printer. The BulletPro 502 also comes with an inductive RPM clamp, an oil temperature sensor, an extensive supply of disposable filters, printer paper and a comprehensive instruction manual.

Here at the TAFE NSW Sydney Institute – Northern Beaches Campus we tool tested the BulletPro 502 Portable Gas Analyser to see how it stacked up against other gas analysers in the market. It’s advisable to read through the instruction booklet prior to setting up the unit.

After switching the unit on the warm up cycle begins. It runs for approximately 10 minutes and just be warned if you restart the machine it will run through the 10-minute warm up cycle again.

The BulletPro 502 lacks a colour screen and, although the screen is on the small side, the gas readings and menu options are well laid out. There are only four buttons that operate the unit and two main menus to choose from, K and S which is where the calibration and printing menus can be found. The unit also has a leak detection and flow measurement function for accurate measurements.

The BulletPro 502 displays oil temperature, lambda and RPM on the menu screen, however the RPM works with the Inductive clamp, so it won’t work on Coil Over Plug ignition systems. The oil temperature probe is a nice feature providing an accurate reading of the engine temperature.

After carrying out your measurements you can print out the readings for your customer along with the vehicle details. All you need to do is lock the readings and using the K menu prints the readings on the installed thermo printer. This is where the BulletPro would suit an emissions test for a registration inspection down the track.

Whilst the BulletPro 502 is an effective tool, it does feel a bit entry level when compared to other exhaust gas analyzers on the market. The unit is basic and easy to operate and comparison readings with another exhaust gas analyzer showed the BulletPro 502 was on the money. So if you’re in the market for an exhaust gas analyzer the BulletPro 502 is definitely worth a look.

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