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Burson Auto Parts For Batteries

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Burson Auto Parts is the auto trade’s exclusive destination for the quality, fully sealed Motorgear Battery range.

A ustralia’s Burson Auto Parts offers automotive repairers nationwide their exclusive Motorgear range of fully sealed and maintenance free automotive batteries.

These fully sealed and maintenance free automotive batteries cover more than 65 per cent of vehicle makes and models in the Australian car parc.

Importantly, every Burson Auto Parts store stocks enough Motorgear automotive batteries so workshops like yours don’t have to. With Motorgear maintenance free batteries delivered to workshops promptly as and when required, there is no need for valuable workshop floor space to be taken up, or for business expense to be incurred up by having “in house” bulk battery stocks.

Burson Auto Parts exclusively offers every Motorgear automotive battery with a trusty 24 month warranty, making this maintenance free replacement battery range the leading choice when it comes to price, quality, prompt availability, application coverage and importantly, for end customer peace of mind.

“There has been a traditional belief that to sell batteries, automotive workshops needed to have a rack in the workshop with the top half a dozen batteries ready to go, consuming valuable business floor space and adding to business operating costs,” stated Burson Auto Parts General Manager – Merchandise, Peter Cheney. “We are saying to repairers that this method is outdated due to the complexity of the car parc these days when Burson can provide a cost effective ‘Just in Time’ solution due to our broad store ranges with prompt delivery.

“Add to this the Motorgear Batteries 24 month warranty and the maintenance free, fully sealed design, along with with excellent value pricing and we have the vast majority of workshop replacement battery requirements covered.

“Repairers have access to quality replacement battery products as and when needed, rather than stocking random part numbers in house,” Mr Cheney added.

To find out more about the exclusive Motorgear battery range from Burson Auto Parts, contact your local store by calling 1300 287 766.

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