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Burson showcases why selecting the right brakes matters

For more than 50 years, Burson Auto Parts continues to be the trusted trade partner for Australian workshops and mechanics far and wide, supplying the best brands for parts, tools, accessories and equipment.

The business’ success has been derived from its continued focus on providing expert advice and solutions, as well as on-time delivery. Burson Auto Parts have now assembled the best range of brake brands and biggest range of products making them the ultimate destination for all your braking needs.

Image: Burson Auto Parts

From the first moment mechanics open their shop doors, they know that Burson Auto Parts is only a call away. The importance on continued growth for the automotive industry is clearly defined through Burson Auto Parts latest expansion in the braking sector.

There’s only one place for the best range of brakes and that’s at Burson. With the ultimate destination for all your braking products only a phone call away, it’s the reason why so many mechanics trust and shop at Burson. The team has assembled the biggest range of brake products specifically for your needs.

Committed to the trade, Burson remains an industry leader in aftermarket parts, tools, workshop equipment and accessories.

Whether its workshop tools, equipment, brakes, consumables, servicing items, shock absorbers and more, it’s national footprint of 213 stores nationwide and over 1000 delivery vehicles means they are ready for your next order. In addition, a major drawcard for mechanics utilising their local store is the vast array of brands and products at their disposal.

Burson also has state-of-the-art distribution centres in Tullamarine, Victoria and Redbank, Queensland. All these resources ensure Burson’s 40,000 trade customers are always supported.

On the wire

As long as Burson has been supplying Australian mechanics, the team has remained focused on ensuring that automotive businesses have access to the best braking range full stop.

Merchandise and Procurement General Manager Martin Kean added that Burson has always remained focused on delivering a variety of braking brands for Australian trade consumers.

Image: Burson Auto Parts

“With Burson Auto Parts having the widest range of brands available for the consumer, the result is that we offer more parts in stock than any other automotive chain” he said.
“For braking this means that our shelves are stocked with a wide range of braking components to suit the diverse needs of every vehicle. Our complete braking range ensures we optimise safety, reliability and performance.”

Martin has been around the auto industry his whole life and highlights a Burson team that’s well-equipped to deliver expertise anywhere, anytime.

“That’s Burson Auto Parts’ commitment to making sure the Australian consumer is getting the right part, the right product, the right price and the right delivery service,” Martin said.

Reliable reputation

Jordan Furey is one of Burson’s 40,000 trade customers. The Newcastle-born mechanic is the owner and director of All Care Automotive in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“Burson continues to be my go-to destination for anything and everything I need for my workshop,” said Jordan.

“The team are always going above and beyond to make sure I have the right part for the job, from the various timing belts, water pumps, drive belts and of course brakes – Burson has what I need.

A qualified mechanic of 30 years – Jordan knows a thing or two about how important quality brakes are for him and his customers.

He said his preferred brand is Bendix, however Jordan said he’ll use whichever brand is the best for his customer’s car.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“With so many fantastic brands available for my customers, they know that their car is getting the best quality parts to get them back on the road,” he said.

“For my shop, the important factor that keeps it ticking is the quality of products I have access to, and I always go with the best for that customer vehicle.”

Take a brake

With over 700,000 brake products in stock on shelves across Australia, Burson is committed to keeping everyday passenger vehicles running smoothly, maintaining European luxury cars, fine-tuning 4×4’s for off-road adventures and servicing the latest electrical vehicles.

Martin highlighted that Burson is dedicated to showcasing its extensive Australian braking brands.

“As a business we are thrilled to include so many fantastic suppliers that continue to support mechanics,” Martin added.

“That’s why we are excited to add brands such as Brembo to our product selection as it provides mechanics with a one stop shop for the largest brake range in Australia.”

Image: Burson Auto Parts

Full stop

Burson remains focused in providing not only aftermarket parts or components for the Australian trade, but be the go-to for all things braking, full stop.

Its team of experts stand ready to help consumers – whether seasoned mechanics or do-it-yourself enthusiasts – to get the job done right.

Brakes matter, and Burson demonstrates this through both its breadth and delivery of braking products to Australia.

You can find out more about Burson Auto Parts and its braking range at

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