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Businesses looking to make the switch to EVs


A recent study has found one-in-three Australian businesses would make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) to improve their image.
This research comes from Small Business Loans Australia, who conducted a review of 202 independent businesses and decision makers.

Of those participants, 39 per cent said they would use EVs to meet customer and employee expectations.
About 30 per cent said switching to EVs would boost their brand credibility.
South Australian businesses were revealed to be the most likely to embrace EVs (39 per cent).
They were followed by WA (36 per cent), Victoria (33 per cent) and NSW (29 per cent).

Small Business Loans Australia Founder and Managing Director Alon Rajic said while each state differed in emission goals, the eagerness to move to EVs was clear.

“In an economic climate where businesses are striving to gain new customers and retain current staff, as well as bearing a corporate social responsibility around sustainability, investing in electric vehicles is an effective way to achieve those goals,” he said.

Data also found that 71 per cent of business owners believed using EVs over petrol cars would assist in combatting climate change. NSW businesses were the largest believers of this statement (78 per cent).

“Our research shows most businesses surveyed believe electric vehicles will contribute towards a climate change solution,” Alon added.
“Businesses should consider making the switch to electric vehicles for their company fleets and encourage employees to do the same through novated leasing and other purchase avenues.”

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