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BWI unveils new National Luna Legacy fridge range

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For anyone embarking on serious tours or even shorter local getaways, having a dependable fridge is massive. National Luna’s Legacy range stands out as an ideal choice.

This line of fridges is part of Brown and Watson International (BWI) collection of reputable brands, which includes Narva and Projecta.

National Luna has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in South Africa, initially crafted to meet the stringent requirements of the World Health Organisation for vaccine transportation.

Image: Supplied by Brown & Watson International

What sets the Legacy range apart are its premium components, advanced manufacturing processes, and rigorous testing. Each fridge undergoes thorough testing in a climate-controlled chamber at 43°C to ensure it meets performance standards, making them well-suited for extreme Australian conditions.

Constructed with durable materials like aluminium interiors, tough stainless steel exteriors, and high-density insulation, National Luna fridges maintain stable temperatures efficiently. Unlike plastic fridges with separate cooling plates, National Luna’s aluminium construction with copper cooling piping ensures superior cooling across the entire interior, reducing running time and temperature ‘pull down’ time.

Image: Supplied by Brown & Watson International

Keep cool

The fridges feature low-draw compressors designed specifically for National Luna fridges, with intelligent electronic control for energy-efficient operation. They can operate on a wide voltage range, making them versatile for various power sources.

Available in single and twin bin variants, the Legacy range offers sizes ranging from 40 to 125 litres. Dual Control Technology provides flexibility, allowing users to use the fridge as a freezer or vice versa, catering to diverse needs.

Image: Supplied by Brown & Watson International

Michelle Cochrane, National Luna’s Brand Manager, emphasises the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation. The Legacy range caters to a wide range of needs, from weekend trips to extended tours, ensuring users have the right fridge for their adventures.

“National Luna has earned an excellent reputation in Australia as a manufacturer of high-quality portable refrigeration solutions, thanks to their superior construction methods, advanced technology and range versatility,” Michelle said.

Image: Supplied by Brown & Watson International

With a three-year warranty and support from a national service network, National Luna offers peace of mind to fridge owners, reaffirming its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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