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Capricorn – Trade Rebate

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Five million reasons why it really pays to be a Capricorn Member.

During the last year, more than 19,500 Capricorn Members purchased a total of $1.86 billion worth of automotive parts and other business requirements from Capricorn Preferred Suppliers across Australia and New Zealand.

Given that the whole reason why the Capricorn cooperative exists is for the benefit of its Members, it makes perfect sense that Capricorn Members are rewarded for such an outstanding annual result.

Proving that it really does pay to be a Capricorn Member, aside from the outstanding benefits gained through the strength of this large buying group, Capricorn has paid a $5 million trade rebate to its Members.

This $5 million trade rebate was paid on top of these many other benefits received by Capricorn Members including a Capricorn Share Dividend payment, Capricorn Reward Points and free access to business development resources including Capricorn Service Data, Capricorn Vehicle Videos and the recently introduced AutoBoost online business tool kit.

According to Capricorn Group CEO Greg Wall, “The combined purchasing of all of our Capricorn Members across Australia and New Zealand is the core strength of this cooperative. We are delighted to reward our Members for another record year, clearly proving that it pays both financially and in making your automotive business so much easier to operate by being a Capricorn Member.”

“We are also very proud to have paid an 11 per cent dividend on all Capricorn shares, in addition to the $5 million trade rebate and reward points earned by our Members,” Mr Wall added.

Capricorn Members earn reward points on almost every purchase made from Capricorn Preferred Suppliers. These points can be redeemed by Members to pay for their monthly purchases, effectively giving themselves a discount on the already great prices offered by suppliers. Alternatively, Members can choose to accumulate their reward points to use towards travel, gift cards, workshop equipment or other big-ticket items. By being a part of one of Australasia’s most generous reward programs, these points can and do add up to thousands of dollars in savings each year. In fact, in the last financial year, more than $32 million dollars in reward points were paid to Capricorn Members.

Rewarding its Members for the purchases they need to make to run their business, providing the ease and convenience of the Capricorn Trading Account and distributing real financial rewards while making the job of running a business so much easier. This isn’t too good to be true, it’s Capricorn.

To join Capricorn, email [email protected]
For more information visit http://www.capricorn.coop

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