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Car sales figures reach magic million by early December

Car sales from November 2022 compared to last year have increased significantly, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

A total of 95,080 were purchased in November, a 17.9 per cent increase from the same time last year.
Total car sales in 2022 for Australia is 993,509.
FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said these numbers indicated the industry was continuing to recover from COVID related shutdowns, microprocessor shortages and general supply chain uncertainty.
He added the millionth car for 2022 would be sold by the end of the week.

“While this is positive news, many customers are still facing extended wait times for their vehicle, with expected delivery for some models beyond 12 months,” Weber said.

Rental fleets were up 36.3 per cent with 6,599 vehicles sold prior to the first summer holidays since border restrictions were lifted.
Hybrids, battery electric and other forms of hybrids also rose in sales with 13,415 zero or low emission vehicles sold in November.

“Purchase incentives for zero and low emission vehicles, and increased fuel quality standards are both important levers in reducing CO2 emissions from Australia’s light vehicle fleet,” Weber said.
“These need to be combined with a Federally led emissions target for the light vehicle sector. Once which is ambitious, yet achievable and is cognisant of vehicle price, model availability, battery supply and infrastructure requirements.”

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