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Century Batteries ‘Set and Forget’ Solution Keeps Australians Charged

In many parts of Australia, motorists are currently faced with movement restrictions which can change on a daily or weekly basis.

Their vehicles can go from being driven multiple times per day, down to perhaps just one or two essential journeys per week. There are obvious benefits to this behaviour – including reduced wear and tear on the vehicle, and the cost savings associated with using less petrol. But when it comes to the vehicle’s starting battery, the news isn’t so good.

Car batteries are happiest and return the longest service life when they are kept at full charge, or as close as possible to it. But like most battery powered devices, if a car battery is left dormant and unused for any length of time they can begin to lose charge and drop down to voltage levels which can begin to cause permanent damage. Add to this the possibility of motorists doing shorter, less frequent trips – giving the vehicle’s alternator less time to charge the battery – and it doesn’t take a genius to work out there’s going to be a problem eventually.

There’s no such thing as a ‘good time’ for a car battery to fail – if it happens in your garage or driveway at home it is a huge inconvenience, but if it happens out on the road people can end up being left stranded. This is why being able to arm motorists with the knowledge and tools required to better take care of their vehicle’s starting battery should be a key aspect of any business specialising in vehicle maintenance or auto electrical services.

Century’s range of battery chargers and maintainers take the guesswork out of looking after any 12-volt lead acid battery – from starting batteries in cars and 4x4s, all the way through to boat, deep cycle and motorcycle batteries.

The most popular model, the CC1206, is perfect for charging batteries rated up to 120Ah, and features a patented 9-stage battery charging and maintenance profile. Simply put, once the charger is connected to the battery it is a true ‘set and forget’ item – firstly by fully charging the battery and then switching into a ‘float charge’ mode to maintain it until the next time the vehicle needs to be driven.

Visit or contact your Century Batteries Specialist on 1300 362 287 for more information on Century’s range of battery chargers.

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