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Century Overlander 4×4 Battery

The Century Overlander, one of Australia’s most popular batteries for 4WDs has undergone a redesign to become the battery of choice for true heavy duty off-road vehicles.

While most standard 4×4 batteries are purely designed as a starting battery, the Overlander 4×4 is a dual purpose battery combining starting and semi-cycling capabilities.

Today’s modern 4WD vehicles demand a lot from the starting battery. Not only the power to start the engine, but also to run essential 4×4 accessories such as CB radios, spot lights, GPS and more. This isn’t what a starting battery is designed for, and it can cause serious damage inevitably reducing the life of the battery.

In off-road conditions we require even more from our battery – especially while driving at low speeds in rough terrain and using essential accessories such as winches. These accessories draw power from the starter battery and as you’re driving slowly chances are the battery won’t be getting enough charge back from the alternator at these speeds. Ultimately, this will drain the battery possibly leaving you stranded and causing serious longterm damage to the battery. The secret behind the Overlander 4×4 battery is the hybrid technology design incorporating both calcium and antinomy plates producing dependable starting power plus added semi-cycling capabilities. This allows the battery to handle the discharge from additional accessories without damaging the internal components and affecting the overall life of the battery.

Furthermore, 4×4 batteries are subjected to some pretty terrible conditions. Not just extreme hot and cold temperatures, but endless road corrugations and bumps.

These conditions create havoc for batteries, attacking critical internal components which lead to early battery failure.

Century has addressed this with thicker full frame cast plates improving the strength and durability of the battery. Additionally, the Overlander has Century’s exclusive Platelock™ Technology, an adhesive that binds the battery plates securely together to provide superior vibration and impact resistance. This is a vastly different construction to your normal car battery, and essential if you want reliable power in your 4WD on rough terrain.

All claims about the Century Overlander 4×4 battery have been tested at 75°C. This is much hotter than the universal battery standard of 40°C and far more realistic to the under bonnet temperatures of Aussie 4×4 vehicles.

The Century Overlander 4×4 is both made and engineered in Australia especially for our climate and conditions.

For more information on the Overlander 4×4 battery and the full range of Century batteries visit or call 1300 362 287.

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