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Warren & Brown Chamfer-Pro

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Quickly repair damaged bolts, threaded rods and even pipes, with the new Warren & Brown Chamfer-Pro.

The Chamfer-Pro is Warren & Brown’s new deburring tool bit that quickly removes external burrs and ridges from damaged bolts, pipes or threaded rods. Its simple design and compact size, allow the Chamfer-Pro to be used with a standard drill and be easily carried in your tool pouch.

To use the Chamfer-Pro, simply attach it to your drill and start repairing a range of materials, including stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper and brass, to wood, fibreglass and plastic. The Chamfer-Pro is designed to help you work faster and safer. Its safe design prevents sparks, burns and cut hands. When used properly, the tool does not overheat the work piece. Threads are also sheared off, not folded over, as may happen when using a grinder. The Warren & Brown Chamfer-Pro is made of high carbon alloy steel, with a cutting diameter ranging from 10 to 26mm, with four cutting edges. A great simple tool to have in the toolbox at work or home, being already indispensable in several industries such as Automotive, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Manufacturing and, of course, at home for DIY projects.

Imagine how much this handy tool can make your life easier! Get yours at your nearest Warren & Brown distributor.

For more information visit www.wbtools.com.au

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