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Clutch Hydraulic Components

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Australian Clutch Services expand Clutch Hydraulic range.

Australian Clutch Services are continuing to develop their already extensive range of clutch hydraulics for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Adelaide based clutch specialists have grown their range to more than 1,000 applications including a wide variety of hydraulic components for European, Japanese, American and Chinese passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

“We added more than 150 new hydraulic components to our range in 2017 alone,” says Brenton Jordan, Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, “We have recently added hydraulics for vehicles such as the Great Wall X240, Foton Tunland, Proton Gen 2 and various Audi models to name just a few.”

Australian Clutch Services will continue with this expansion throughout 2018. “Our range of clutch hydraulics is deepening every month due to the large number of new vehicles on the market as well as continued aftermarket development on older vehicles.” says Mr Jordan, “The technology in this area has evolved greatly over the past decade and it is vital to keep up with the latest designs seen in new vehicles today.”

Australian Clutch Services offer an extensive range of hydraulic and actuation components in stock throughout the country. With a recent expansion of the range in warehouses around Australia, ACS also offer fast delivery times to ensure hydraulic components can be replaced quickly and efficiently.

“We understand the importance of having hydraulics available on short notice,” says Mr Jordan, “We often offer the hydraulics as part of the kit, but we also ensure that we keep as many components as possible throughout our warehousing network so if a workshop finds they need to replace a master cylinder or even a clutch line, they can get the components from our distributors as quickly as possible.”

The hydraulics range on offer has been developed to include as many vehicles out of Europe, Asia and America as possible. “We have been focusing our development on vehicles from a broad range of markets as we expect to see a higher number of these vehicles on the road in Australia over the next decade.” Explains Mr Jordan, “It is vital that we support our distribution network with the widest range of hydraulics, actuation components and clutch accessories to ensure they have the components available for their trade and retail customer bases.”

For more information on the Australian Clutch Services hydraulics range, please visit www.australianclutch.com.au or contact your local distributor.

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