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Specialist Tools Australia stocks the specialised tools that enable accurate diagnosis and fast repairs.

To achieve a satisfactory and cost-effective repair, it is critical to initially obtain a proper diagnosis and identification of any faults before purchasing any parts or proceeding with repairs. This is true of almost anything not just motor vehicles. The ECU will use the injectors to compensate for each other and for various engine discrepancies.

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For example, a four-cylinder engine with 0-5 range, compensations above two is an indication of a problem. When removing injectors, the ultimate goal is to remove them without damaging them or other engine components. This allows the components to be tested independently of each other and saves a great deal of extra work, and ultimately the cost of the repair.

Trust the process

Removing injectors without destroying any components, including the injectors can be a simple and easy job with the right tools and an understanding of the system you are working with, although some presentations can be very daunting – especially if there is a build-up of material around leaking injectors or simply the structure of the engine and the injectors themselves.

Generally, finding the correct tool that will attach to the injector, followed by using a slide hammer, hydraulic ram or other pulling arrangement to extract the injectors with the least amount of impact or jarring ensures their safe removal.

Then it is just a matter or ensuring the recess is clean and the injector seat is cut square to the perpendicular, ensuring they sit without leaking in the recess when reinserting the new or remanufactured injectors. The ultimate seized injector extraction kit for Denso, Delphi, Bosch and Siemens injectors is Govoni’s (GO405) for removing very stuck injectors, due to fouling caused by combustion leakage where the injector is locked in the recess and cannot be removed without the proper tools.

The universal supporting feet adjustment, screw into the fixing screws of the head, ensuring its use in different levels (l/r) as well as the possibility to adjust the slippage of the two side bars. The adjustment takes place both in height and width according to the conformity of the engine head.

This kit can be used directly on the vehicle, with the engine mounted; its mechanical operation intact, and can be used in confined spaces or in the far back position near the passenger compartment which often causes difficulties if a slide hammer arrangement is the only tool you have. The versatility of setup provides a stable and strong platform where various methods of extraction can be used.

Masterful kits

One of Specialist Tools Australia’s other favourite kits is the M9R injector removal kit used on Nissans, Renault and Opel engines which enables the extraction of broken injectors without completely dismantling the engine. The Govoni Multi-Stage injector removal kit (GO426) can attach to broken injectors at various common breakage points down to the extraction of the injector nozzle retaining nut.

This is a very heavy-duty and robust kit. Govoni Universal kit GO507 for injector removal, is equipped with slide hammer, pliers, articulated joint adapter and special socket that will fit around the head of the injector (Bosch style). This kit allows the technician various options for the removal different types of injectors in a variety of vehicles commonly found in Australia where they are not excessively stuck.

Govoni tools are extremely robust, high performing Italian tools designed for the professional automotive technician looking for many years of reliable service from their tools, with the flexibility of being able to adapt the tools to different styles of injectors and engines.

At Specialist Tools Australia the team go beyond just selling tools. Their vast automotive diagnostic knowledge, especially with diesels, assists them in ensuring you get the right tool for your job. For more information contact Specialist Tools Australia on (02) 6280 4334, visit here or email

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