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Common Rail Injector Removal

by Digital Mayne Media

Injector removal can present some complex challenges for automotive repairers – especially if the correct automotive tools aren’t readily available.

Many of the Tools that Specialist Tools Australia sell are for diesel fuel system repairs, and they have come to specialise in modern Common Rail Diesel tools for the Australian mechanical workshop. Over the years they have sourced the best quality automotive tools available in this field, bringing tools to the Australian market that have either been unobtainable or difficult to source, and Specialist Tools Australia has continually expanded its range to include specialised tooling for European vehicles and tools that can alleviate the difficulties encountered in engine repair in Australia. Their tools are here in Australia in stock. The team at Specialist Tools Australia know that repairers can’t wait six to eight weeks for a tool to arrive so they can complete a repair.

Their blue-ribbon range of Govoni tools are made in Italy and they have some of the highest quality tools developed and manufactured for modern vehicles currently available. Their injector removal kits are not only top-quality tools, but they are extremely functional, especially for the removal of Diesel Injectors, as many of Govoni’s kits enable removal without damaging either the injector or the engine, and without requiring the dismantling of engine components to get the injectors out.

Being able to remove injectors without damage to either the injector or associated components allows these components to be tested independently of each other as well as saving a great deal of extra work and ultimately the cost of the repair.

Removing injectors without destroying any components can be a simple and easy job with the right tools and an understanding of the system you are working with, although some presentations can be very daunting – especially if there is a build-up of material around leaking injectors or simply the structure of the engine and the injectors themselves.

The time and money saved by these tools more than compensates the cost of having them handy. For this reason, Specialist Tools Australia have tried to ensure that they can provide their customers with the right tools, stocked here in Australia, for these difficult repairs, along with technical advice on the most effective method of using them.

Often with injectors, the most important aspect of removal is that you can connect to the injector for removal effectively, and that the extraction tool can mount to the engine cylinder head to provide leverage, using low impact force from tools such as a Mechadraulic or Hydraulic rams, or a slide hammer arrangement that provides force with minimal jarring and a force that is perpendicular to the injector.

Along with the injector removal kits, Specialist Tools Australia carries a full range of complementary tools for removing injector seals and for cutting and cleaning the injector seats. A large range of injector adaptors as well as slide hammers, Mechadraulic and Hydraulic rams.

Govoni’s Master Kit GO405 is the ultimate for seized injector extraction in Denso, Delphi, Bosch and Siemens diesel fuel systems. This kit is capable of removing very stuck injectors locked into the recess by combustion leakage and fouling around the injector. It uses engine mounted bars that locate on the fixing screws of the head that provide leverage directly onto the injector.

It is one of the most popular injector removal kits at Specialist Tools Australia.

The GO426 – M9R 2.0 DCI engines with Bosch injectors is a multi stage injector pulling kit that has been designed specifically for Renault, Nissan and Opel M9R engines which present with various signs of breakage in different parts of the injector body. It will extract broken injectors as well as release blocked or seized injector nozzles with the valve nozzle retaining nut.

This kit may be the only one of its type specifically designed for these issues found in M9R engines.

This kit would have to be in the top favourites for removing Toyota – Denso Injectors. The connectors attach to the injector without removing the electrical connector. This kit is extremely efficient with a number of suitable mounting plates that remove the injectors independently from the engine.

This kit allows injector removal with three distinct procedures:
• U sing the pliers with holding arms perfectly fitting to the shape of the injector
• Using the articulated joint adapter and the pivot, that has to be screwed to the fitting of the Common Rail duct
• Using the special socket (suit Bosch) which ensures the removal of the injector without removing the electrical connection plastic top, the injector remains hence intact and working after removal.

Specialist Tools Australia also stocks numerous kits as well as single injector claws and sockets to fit a wide range of injectors including petrol injectors.

This is just a small sample of the many injector removal tools that they have in stock – so if you have an injector issue, contact Specialist Tools Australia – their team can provide technical support as well as tools for almost any job on a diesel fuel system.

The full range of tools is available at www.specialisttools.com.au or phone the team at Specialist Tools Australia on (02) 6280 0178 (Canberra) to discuss your issues or requirements and they can advise on the best tool for the job, technical support for diesel fuel system repairs and the best tools to use on your job.

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