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CoolDrive has your brake needs sorted

CoolDrive Auto Parts customers can cater for all of their braking needs thanks to the family-owned company’s exclusive digital braking catalogue, BrakeBook, and its impressive range of braking products and consumables. One of the most accurate and comprehensive braking catalogues available in the market today, BrakeBook can be viewed as the pinnacle of fitment data for vehicles on Australasian roads with its strong depth of OE reference.

BrakeBook simplifies the searching for and ordering of replacement parts, with listings updated by the CoolDrive team in real-time. Users are able to search for replacement parts in a variety of ways, including through vehicle make and model, a VIN search, rego search, or by part number. BrakeBook covers CoolDrive’s entire braking product range which, following a large expansion in recent times, has seen CoolDrive become one of the market leaders in brakes in the local industry. Headlining the braking range at CoolDrive are its exclusive offerings from leading global brands such as Bremtec Brakes, Fremax and Project Mu.

Bremtec Brakes

Bremtec Brakes is a world-class braking brand and a trusted solution for distributors, technicians, performance professionals and enthusiasts alike. Bremtec offers a complete range of aftermarket brake products, manufactured to exceed original equipment specifications, and tested to the extreme to ensure an exceptional balance of performance, reliability and comfort. Bremtec’s TRADE-LINE® brake pads contain the new advanced ceramic formulation, offering significantly less dust, reduced wear, while still offering the optimum balance of comfort, performance and durability.

The TRADE-LINE® disc rotors offer advanced metallurgy to reduce thermal judder for consistently quieter and dependable braking performance, complemented by the TRADE-LINE® ceramic brake shoes and brake drums. PRO-LINE® Ceramic+ brake pads are engineered for optimum braking performance in heavy-duty conditions, formulated for increased stopping power and durability when fully loaded, or for drivers after an upgrade from standard or OE pads.

Long-wearing, PRO-LINE® brake pads produce significantly less brake dust. EURO-LINE® brake pads are specific for European vehicles and are engineered for increased stopping power but without the unwanted brake dust. Manufactured with the latest Ceramic+ formulation, EURO-LINE® brake pads offer superior braking to be expected from a European brake system. EURO-LINE® disc rotors are an OE quality brake disc rotor engineered with an OE internal vane design and a GeoZinc coating to minimise rust corrosion and give a European look, with product benefits including a high resistance to cracking and a longer life.

Bremtec’s EVOLVE® Performance Ceramic+ brake pads offer unrivalled braking when it comes to electric vehicles and spirited street driving. They utilise the latest high-performance Ceramic+ formulation, designed for maximum braking efficiencies, excellent initial cold bite stopping power, and a high resistance to brake fade. The EVOLVE®-specific “GG” friction class caters to the unique demands electric vehicles place on their braking systems, due to higher acceleration capabilities, heavier vehicle mass and lack of vehicle noise.

Engineered for extreme conditions, EVOLVE® High-Carbon rotors offer greater resistance to heat stress cracking and thermal judder. Born from racing technology, EVOLVE F2S® High-Carbon rotors are engineered with unique HPC (Hyper Pillar Cooling) venting for improved airflow to resist cracking and metal fatigue, with a brake temperature paint applied to the edge of the rotor to easily monitor effects of driving styles. The rotors are also hyper-slotted for improved bite in high-performance vehicles and 4×4 applications.


Reinforcing CoolDrive’s braking credentials are Fremax brake discs and drums. Fremax components offer an ideal combination of quality, innovation and safety, with all of its brake disc and drums manufactured with a high-carbon metal alloy to ensure better braking performance and a longer life.

An innovative paint is utilised across all Fremax products to offer increased protection against rust, while a unique protective oil does not contaminate the brake pads nor does it require cleaning, for a faster and secure application. Furthermore, a patented concentric groove on the surface face ensures a faster bedding in process, to significantly reduce noise and vibrations. Fremax has also recently launched its new Safety Check technology which indicates the right time to change brake discs, taking away any uncertainty for maximum safety.

Project Mu

CoolDrive is the national distributor for Project Mu’s high-end brakes and braking products. Originating in Japan, Project Mu is a specialist manufacturer with a focus on providing the best quality braking products for applications including street performance, track days, club racing, drifting, and professional motorsport.

From OEM street replacement pads and discs, to performance brake upgrade kits, right through to world class motorsport pads, Project Mu’s focus is to provide the best quality product for specialised applications. CoolDrive also has global distribution rights for all of the racing compounds (outside of Japan) and supply NASCAR, BTCC, Supercars and various other racing series worldwide.

CoolDrive: Your braking partner

Capping off the CoolDrive braking range are products from brands including Bosch, Brembo, ICER, HULK 4X4 and Stolz, which ensures a complete fitment offering with products available for street, performance, off-road and track usage. CoolDrive also has available an extensive range of quality consumables that get the job done right, including brake fluids, cleaners, greases, and lubes, as well as a dedicated support team to help customers with any technical queries. For further information on BrakeBook and CoolDrive’s braking range, visit

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