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Diagnostics with CoolDrive Auto Parts

CoolDrive Auto Parts

CoolDrive Auto Parts continues to stand apart as one of the most trusted partners to workshops in an ever-evolving automotive landscape, particularly in the vehicle diagnostics field.

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CoolDrive’s diagnostics range is extensive, with all manner of software, scan tools and complementary equipment available. An essential for workshops is the Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online diagnostic software, and Bosch KTS multifunctional testers for step-by-step fault diagnostics, as well as scan tools from brands including FCAR, Launch, Autel, Car-Daq and Jal-Test.

Providing further support are diagnostic tools and equipment including the Curien N2 Neuron, the PicoScope Oscilloscope and the CarDAQ-Plus®3 – J2534 programming tool.
There’s also the GYS Flash Battery Support Units, the Prologics diagnostic kits, and larger machines such as the AFI Diagnostic Smoke Machine to help identify air leaks.

While CoolData is CoolDrive’s technical resource platform which enables workshops to diagnose, maintain and repair vehicles with technical drawings, a unique electronics data module including wiring diagrams and guided tests, and intelligent diagnostics.

For more information on CoolDrive’s leading diagnostic offerings, visit www.cooldrive.com.au.

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