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When it comes to keeping your engine cool, and at a stable and correct temperature you can’t afford to muck around and one of the world’s leading and largest OEM parts manufacturer AISIN knows precisely how important this is.

Chances are you have had AISIN parts installed in your vehicle before and didn’t even know it. AISIN has made its range of replacement water pumps and fan clutches available to the Australian Automotive Aftermarket. Catering to the top 100 selling vehicles in Australia like Commodore, Camry, Falcon, Kluger, Corolla, Hilux and LandCruiser.

Another high-quality manufacturer that has been producing a vast range of engine cooling and related thermal management products is Dayco. Producing specialty items like thermostats, coolant expansion tanks and fan clutches, there is no such thing as taking shortcuts in these premium quality items. A failure in these items can lead to overheating and at worst complete engine failure.

With the evolution of Diesel engines in work utes, light-duty truck and SUV’s, coolant leaks aren’t as easy as they were to find. The team at Rislone have produced a collection of cooling system repair and stop leak products to keep the thermostat out of the red and keep your engine running cool even when the temp outside is pushing 40 degrees. With a collection of flushes, repairs and stop leaks for a range of applications, Rislone has the product to keep you trucking!

Many of you out there will be familiar with the K-Seal name, as they are the leader in coolant system technology worldwide. Its advanced formula ensures a permanent seal to any cracks in an engine cooling system and now, with the new free to use K-Seal training academy in place, you will become a cooling system repair expert in no time at all. With more than six million bottles sold and a money-back guarantee, these guys and gals stand behind their product.

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