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Crankcase Filtration Systems

4WD upgrades including benefits of installing additional Fuel Water Separator and Crankcase filters.

Who doesn’t love the power, performance, freedom and adventure you get from your 4WD, SUV or Dual Cab Utility vehicle.

The freedom, power and off-road capability these vehicles offer is second to none. And if you want to continue making the most of what’s on offer, it’s critical to start considering how best to prolong the life of your engine so you can continue to enjoy countless trips long into the future. Internal combustion engines utilise a crankcase breather which over time becomes contaminated with components such as oil, water and soot that build-up and can get into the engine’s air intake system leading to power loss and increased fuel consumption. The solution is to fit an aftermarket crankcase filtration system that removes contaminants from the intake system.

There are a number of standard filtration systems on the market, however they typically stumble at a critical point – the lack of volume and flow capability in almost all aftermarket filtration systems means that there is no guarantee the “stored” contaminants won’t find their way back into the engine via the intake system or directly into the engine’s sump.

The only product on the market that alleviates this issue is the Ryco RCC350K Crankcase Filtration System. It works with all types of engine oil, removes oil impurities generated from blow-by gases in the engine, and unlike other recommended brands, it won’t redirect captured contaminants back into the engine preventing build-up and decreased performance. It also has a class leading 350ml sump.

Supplementary components that may suit your vehicle and situation more specifically include the fuel water separator filters, and the new Vehicle Specific Fitment Kits that make installing fuel water separators and/or a Catchcan easy while providing additional protection for diesel fuel systems.

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