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Customers And Brake Parts

Explaining to your customers how brake parts work has never been easier thanks to Bendix.

The mystery of how brake parts work is not something that all customers want to know, however when the question arises itcan take valuable time away from the mechanic’s work schedule.

It is however important to provide this information and to assist the trade, Bendix has produced an explanatory leaflet or  Technical Bulletin under the heading ‘Brake parts and how they work together to stop a vehicle,’ that can simply be passed to the customer to read and take away.

For the garage with a customer waiting room complete with a TV monitor, Bendix has also produced this same technical bulletin in electronic video form to run on the screen to provide this valuable and informative information for the customer to watch as they wait for their vehicle to be serviced.

In each there is a ‘Welcome to Bendix brakes’ that then looks at how the modern disc braking system works, starting with a close look at the individual components and how they interact to stop the vehicle.

Starting with the main components such as the disc rotor, it demonstrates how the brake pads squeeze against the disc to create the friction that in turn decelerates the wheel and the vehicle. The activation of the caliper by the pedal creating hydraulic pressure in the brake fluid is illustrated along with the many components that make up the caliper and the various important functions each performs.

Particular emphasis is given to the movement of the caliper along sliding pins under the brake fluid hydraulic pressure.

Both the technical bulletin and the video look at this movement from various angles to provide a clear understanding of the operation and the importance of the braking systems in the interests of road safety.

With its ongoing support for the trade, Bendix is again a step ahead in providing material to demonstrate to motorists the importance of regular checks and servicing with quality parts so they can put their foot down with confidence on the road.

Check out the video at  and get copy of this for your waiting room or copies of the Bendix Technical Bulletin ‘Brake parts and how they work together to stop a vehicle’ for your customers from your Bendix Regional Manager.

For more information freecall the Bendix Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas or simply email

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